Sunday, August 1, 2010

So what's this all about, exactly?

I've always wanted to start a blog, but I've never had an idea what I would write about.

Yeah, I know you hear this all the time. People start blogs off like this and then post rambles every week about their 10 cats. Well, I promise you, this isn't like that. I won't ramble about my cats (I don't actually own a cat, but that's beside the point). I promise I won't go on and on about myself. This blog isn't even about me. It's about you.

That's right. You. It's all about you.

See, I've always loved giving advice. So this is a place for you to ask me for some.

It's very simple. You tell me about your problems and ask me for help, and I respond with words of wisdom that really work. At least, that's what I like to believe.

I should probably introduce myself first, so you know who you're going to be spilling your deepest, darkest secrets to.

Hi. My name is Sella. I'm 15 years old, and I will be turning 16 this September. I'm crazy and hyper and ridiculous, but I do have a mature side, which I'll do my best to pull out for this blog. I'm a writer, and I hope to publish one of my books soon. I also love to sing, play guitar and piano, do theatre, read, snowboard, and hang out with my friends. I get obsessed with different movies, books, TV shows, songs, and musicals every few months. I'm going to be a sophomore, and I already hate high school, so yaaaayy.

That's the most you'll see me talk about myself, I hope.

So, here's what happens. If you have a problem of any kind - real-life OR for a story (I especially love helping you with plot holes or any kind of story problems), then email the problem to me and your questions about it to Got that? 

THIS IS IMPORTANT: In the subject line, write Ask Sella - ((Category)). There are just two categories: Real Life and Story. Pretty easy process, eh? (And please, don't actually write ((Category)) in the subject line. If you're too dense to figure out that you're supposed to insert which category it is, then you shouldn't even be looking at this blog. No offense.)

You can email me about any kind of problem, I love answering them all ... family problems (sibling problems, parent problems), girl/boy problems, school problems, plot problems, character problems, editing problems, anything. :)

Here's the deal: I won't respond to every single email. I will choose one problem to answer every week and post the response on this blog. Do not be offended if I don't choose your problem to tackle. It's not because I don't think it's worth responding to - it's because I am a busy person, and don't have time to answer and post every single one. Believe me, I would if I could. (If I have a particularly free day or if I'm extremely bored, I might respond to your problem via email, even if it's not the one I'm choosing to post on this blog. So you might get lucky either way.) Remember: And don't forget the subject line, or I won't consider the email.

Is everything clear? Are you all set to start ranting away to me in an email? Are you ready to take on the forces of darkness?

Let the fun begin.


  1. So... Am I the one who has to give advice for your problems? Just wondering. XD

  2. BWA HAHA I am your first follower. Oh boy, an advice blog. GOOD LUCK. :)

  3. Ilana - Uh, you and the other ninjas? XD

    Brigid - YAY I have one follower now!! Mehehe. And thank you, this shall be fun. If anyone sends me emails. XD

  4. Answer the email(s) then, huh?
    -Loyal Fans

  5. Sorry, I have been busy packing. But I'm actually working on answering yours, Rochelle. :D I'll post it sometime today.

    And whoa, you were up late. haha.

  6. It's all about me? LOL!
    This should come in handy as I am often in need to advice. :) Post more soon!